Okay, there’s a story with this one. I volunteer at St. Jude Memphis Marathon every year, this year the ladies working it got Tiaras, and I know all of them pretty well so Dana, one of the ones there, sat hers down for a minute and I just happened to be walking by when she did it so I grabbed it and went back to my station. Now she didn’t really notice until she was walking around talking pictures and saw me. Somehow and for some reason she let me keep it, so I wore it all day till closing that night, the families and girls loved it! I got such nice comments from all of them and one mother or grandmother trying to hook me up with her daughter, oh yeah, I’m that good.
Marathon is always a good time, I’m still trying to figure out what I should wear this year, I have a pink wig and duct tape hat I’m thinking about. . .

Do ya like it?